• The numbers of lessons in each course is confusing. Can you explain?

    There are 30 unique video lessons, 14 in course One, and 16 in course Two. They are repeated in the curriculum because I list them by tuning, and again by right hand style.

  • Which course is best for me?

    Course One has a lot of more basic approaches, and uses a wider variety of tunings and right hand styles, some of which you may be familiar with. Course Two focuses on Dropped D and Double dropped D tunings, and has more contemporary upbeat right hand styles. Complete Course has both smaller courses combined.

  • What tunings are best for me?

    If you haven't experimented with alternative tunings, Course One will introduce you to four different tunings, EADGBE, DADGBE, DADGBD and DADGAD. So I would start there, and cultivate your taste in how they sound. Course Two focuses on DADGBE and DADGBD.

  • What are the paying options?

    A once-off payment is the only option, in return for lifetime access. Enrolment to the course also includes a coupon to buy my books with CD downloads for a fraction of the regular price.